"If you can't save 100 animals, save one"

What We Do

People Saving Animals is special in the way it operates, keeping costs close to zero while ensuring all donations go directly to treat injured homeless animals in great need and suffering. We focus primarily on raising funds from people with huge hearts (we call the animal saviors) and then distribute those funds to aid local rescue groups in less fortunate nations. These rescue groups (the true heroes) literally pick up injured and homeless animals in horrible conditions from the street and coordinate the veterinary care these helpless animals need to survive. Once these animals are rehabilitated, the rescue group will find a forever loving home for them. 

In a nutshell this is how the process works:
(RG = local rescue group; PSA = People Saving Animals; Vet + Veterinary providing medical assistance) 
  1. RG rescues stray and injured animal from the street
  2. RG takes animal to Vet for evaluation and then provides information to PSA
  3. PSA raises funds to save animal
  4. Vet provides medical attention to animal
  5. PSA transfer raised funds to cover Vet expenses
  6. RG finds a forever loving home to animal
As we were defining how to approach this complex problem, we looked at organizations like Animal Aid International for best practices. Thank you AAI, we could not have done it without you.

In special circumstances we will also support the following:
Spay/Neuter campaigns
We believe this is the main source for homeless animals, especially in less fortunate countries with lack of resources and education. We fund the supplies needed for spay/neuter campaings to avoid unwanted animals on the streets.

Sponsor pets to get adopted in USA
In general it is harder to get animals adopted in poorer countries due to lack of resources and lack of appreciation of mixed breed. We know this is not the animal's fault so in special cases we will assist to cover travel expenses for a particular animal to get adopted in USA in a forever loving home. If not, we will leave a beautiful animal condemned to spend his whole life in a small pen. Or worse, in the street with no food and shelter.

Feed animals in shelters
Some of the amazing rescue groups we work with have facilities to house and care for animals. Most of these animals sadly are destined to be in a pen for their whole life. Food is the major cost associated to assist this animal so we will aid in particular cases.

Underdeveloped nations have a bigger challenge when it comes to quality of life. Most of the people struggle to feed themselves and their kids, leaving the animals on the side. We want to change this. We want to educate people on how much better our lives can be if we bring animals to our lives. We believe in educating people since they are little kids to love animals.
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