"If you can't save 100 animals, save one"

Who We Are

In a Nutshell...
People Saving Animals is a non-profit organization properly incorporated in Washington State and 100% volunteer based. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity recognized by the IRS. We focus primarily on raising funds from people with huge hearts (we call them animal saviors) to distribute those funds to save injured homeless animals in great need. We work with local rescue groups (the true saviors) in less fortunate nations across the world with high rates of homeless animals and very minimal animal welfare support.

PSA is a very small group of only 3 volunteers. We all have full time jobs and dedicate a big part of our "free time" to this cause. Our team consist of Walter Guillioli (based in Redmond, WA - founder), Tania Guillioli (based in Guatemala) and Alejandra Lucero (based in Redmond, WA).

How we Operate...
We keep costs close to zero to ensure all donations go directly towards aiding injured homeless animals. We only have virtual presence via the Internet and we do not have physical presence. We do not have employees and we are 100% volunteer based. The funds we raise go directly to fund veterinary costs for injured homeless animals. The typical cases we fund are stray dogs and cats that are physically injured and would not survive without our assistance. It is usually animals that were run over by a car or that were cruelly abused and left for dead in the street. Most of the animals we support are rehabilitated and placed in a forever loving home.

About our Founder...
People Saving Animals was founded by Walter Guillioli in January 2013. Walter grew up in Guatemala as an average citizen. Walter was fortunate to earn a scholarship to study his Masters in Business (MBA) in the Netherlands and then relocate to United States to work for a multinational software company as a Marketing Manager. The opportunity to live in different continents has allowed Walter to see the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates to animal welfare and caring.

Since a young kid Walter saw the sad reality of poor countries like Guatemala where stray animals on the street is “normal” and when driving on the highway seeing dogs getting killed by cars is an everyday thing. Walter never thought of this as normal and always wanted to help to change this. In every stray animal, Walter sees the opportunity of an animal to become a family pet and bring happiness into family’s lives. Walter truly believes that animals make us better people when we realize how much they can teach us (unconditional love, loyalty, humility and most importantly to live in the moment).

Walter lives what you can call an average life in Redmond, WA in a human/animal pack of four. Alejandra is Walter’s wife and is also an animal lover. Dulcinea is a five-year old Miniature Schnauzer and she is a little bit spoiled who believes owns the house. Sancho is a three-year old Schnauzer/Bichon mix rescued from death row. Sancho is their miracle dog as he was steps away of being put to sleep but now is a daily source of happiness for the pack.
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